A typical stone cottage, structured on wide foundations, overlooks the hills around Siena, with red and green rows of vines drawing geometric forms in the nature. This is the landscape you make out when getting closer to the Tenuta Casuccio Tarletti (Casuccio Tarletti Estate).

It is set in the middle of a legendary land, where Siena and Florence, during the middle ages, fought for the control of this precious part of Tuscany. The legend says that the two towns, weary for the continuous bloody struggles, decided to solve the question with a rather peculiar challenge: two knights left the respective towns at dawn, when the cock sang. They traced the boundaries galloping towards each other till they met. Thanks to their Gallo Nero (Black Cock), which sang before the white cock of Siena, Florence managed to annex great part of this precious land, home of one of the most valuable ruby red wines with unmatchable scents.