Four wines for four horses: it is the symbol of the “Faggeto”. Beeches and oaks extend over the hills of Montepulciano that slope down towards Lake Trasimeno between vineyards and olive groves.

The wines of the company cross with the horses that characterize the image of the “Faggeto”: they refer to the foals that, in the past free in the woods, came to gallop on the stone slab overlooking a hill.

It is the Devil’s Stone used for the realisation of Sant ‘Agnese church at Montepulciano,according to legend, made very hard by Lucifer to prevent the construction of the Basilica..

Il Faggeto Esterni, la veduta dell'aziendaIl Faggeto Esterni, Fiori nell'aziendaIl Faggeto Esterni, Fiori nell'azienda