The high value of the wines produced in the area of Montalcino was already known during Etruscan times; in fact the Etruscans had thriving settlements on these hills. The name “Tenuta Poggio Il Castellare (Poggio il Castellare Estate) brings us back to the historical roots of the place: the remains of an ancient settlement, with what remains of houses and towers on top of the homonymous hill, beside the vineyards.


The vineyards of the estate stretch on the sunny slopes overlooking the picturesque landscapes of the Val d’Orcia on one side, of Mount Amiata on another side and, finally, from the Pian del Bosso vineyard you can enjoy the mystical sight of the Abbazia di Sant’Antimo (Sant’Antimo Abbey).

Poggio Castellare stretches for 8 hectares of land covered with vines.

The visit to the cellars helps to discover the secret of the production process.

The itinerary is structured through rooms for the fermentation, then 3000 lt barrels and smaller barrels (barriques) in which the wine goes through the process of refining before getting bottled and stored.